We offer organizational development processes, management development programs, team development and more.  Our programs are based on experiential learning and may include:

• Nature and indoor seminars: we offer a variety of seminars designed according to a primary task as defined by the client. We use original as well as classic and proven methodologies and tools. Our seminars are performed  indoors and outdoor (mainly desert and sea). We may offer unique elements and themes such as painting, sculpturing and music. Like a seminar out of Israel? Cyprus is also in our portfolio!!
Celemi  business simulations : performed by Business Simulations Venture, a partnership of Blanchard Israel and Joab Kirsch. More than 3.4 million participants have experienced Celemi ‘s international state of the art business simulations. Many fortune500 multinational use Celemi business simulations. The simulations offer a wide variety of core business challenges: Business and finance understandin; Decision taking, Strategy planning, formation, Implementation and change; Innovation; Sales and marketing; Project management and much more!
• Management coaching: we offer to accompany managers in their managerial journey and challenges. Our coaching can be as part of a management development process or as a stand alone assistance.  The combination of our hands on management experience with our organizational knowledge create a unique added value to managers and organizations.

We also offer one off seminars or events that are not part of a full program.

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