Brinks Israel Ltd.
Ronen Ben-Ari
Brinks Israel Ltd.

We have experienced with Joab a 2 day “North nature challenge” management event after changes in the management team have taken place. The aim was to understand and strengthen norms of cooperation and team work within the management team. The program and facilitation were excellent; there was a correct balance of activity, fun and space for substantial learning and development in an important stage of the management team. We have some substantial topics for future work resulting from the event. I would like to thank Joab for a unique and fun learning experience!

Ort Israel
Dr. Shmaryahu Rozner
VP and head of ORT colleges administration
Ort Israel

The program for College managers and the senior staff of the colleges administration, was highly important and very successful, based on participants feedback and my own impression.
We had a few targets:
1. Consolidation of the senior management team, engaging them for better cooperation while considering the Ort system as one organization.
2. Equip the team with self and group learning tools.
3. Experience Leadership and Management in uncertainty which characterizes our day to day work.

Joab and Eran were attentive to these goals, produced a competent program and have implemented it with great success. We are positively considering various alternatives to continue our cooperation with Space for change.
Thank you, Shmaryahu Rozner

High Tech company
Ziv Min-Dieli
High Tech company

I have undertaken with Joab a management development process. It was one of the most substantial experiences I have ever undertaken with a high yield to the organization. A key success factor was to optimize my capabilities without trying to change me to someone else. The process was challenging but I have submitted myself to it. We worked through management thinking in the role and Joab has given me crucial reflections that have enabled thinking, learning and development. The process had a substantial effect on my success in the role. Thank you!

Diplomat Group
Mr. Noam Weiman
President & CEO
Diplomat Group

Joab has masterfully facilitated a strategic business simulation for the second consecutive year, as part of a global management development program. The simulation was a powerful and deep learning experience and participants are now equipped with relevant business knowledge. The participants have experienced actual business challenges that Diplomat is experiencing with the unique opportunity to try various business scenarios to resolve these challenges. I am confident of the successful implementation of the learning that was experienced in the course of the simulation.

A leading online finacial trading company
Gil Bul
A leading online financial trading company
Joab has developed and facilitated a unique development program for growth infrastructures. The program included managerial coaching, indoor and outdoor (nature) seminars and short meetings. The program was characterized by in depth work with the management team re major issues such as: communication, interface management, business challenges, Purpose and strategy. The program was original, flexible, deep and sensitive to the needs of the management team and the organization. It was a major element in the creation of a working management team with inter personal, managerial and organizational tools to cope with the substantial growth challenges facing us.
ROMANO BLANGA & Associates
Isaac Blanga
Managing Partner
Romano Blanga & Associates

Joab has accompanied me personally in my role as managing partner in my accountancy firm and later in a process with my partner. Surprisingly, Joab has managed to create a substantial change after almost 25 years of my career. Main areas I have experienced the change were: Organizational management, targets (both in life and in the organization), role perception, inter personal relations. I found Joab to be very explicit, thorough, wise and target oriented. Joab has masterfully worked through personal and organizational processes. Highly recommended.

Gal Ron
Joab and Eran have recently commenced with an organizational development program which was launched in a “Troodos Challenge” nature seminar in Cyprus. This opening event was focused on Communication and organizational interface management. It has been a unique, deep and challenging experience for us resulting in deep learning both personal and organizational. The outcome of this seminar was alternatives for addressing major organizational challenges. We have successfully implemented these and they will serve us for future work within the organization. I Warmly recommend!!
Diplomat Group
Sharon Weinbaum-Gila
Diplomat Group

We had constructed a training week for our future managers with an understanding that we aim to enhance a systemic integrative business experience. The Celemi business simulation had successfully created the knowledge in a joyful, interactive way. Joab had accustomed the simulation to reflect our real business environment, and had done so in very successful way as though the simulation was designed especially for Diplomat.
The simulation was interesting and challenging the participants had quickly entered into a fierce competition and invested much effort to build the strategy, learn new competencies, dare and plan. All participants ended up with important, implementable and practical learning.
Joab was excellent! Professional, fascinating, and had encouraged discussion and competition.
The simulations was definitely one of the highlights of the week and had a critical contribution to its success. Thank you very much!

Israel Chemicals Ltd.
Uri Lebel
HR & Organizational Development Director
ICL Ltd.
Space for Change “Desert Challenge” outdoor seminar was combined as an opening seminar of management development programs at ICL. The seminar had addressed managerial challenges and dilemmas such as Engagement and improving leadership abilities. The uniqueness of the seminar, the facilitation and the personal experience of the participants, have created valuable learning in the personal and organizational aspects. The performance of the seminar as an opening element of the programs was an important milestone in creating a consolidated learning pier group among the participants which had a major contribution to the success of the programs.
Eli Lilly Israel Ltd.
Sara Betsalel
HR Director
Eli Lilly Israel Ltd.
Dear Joab and Eran, I wanted to express my thanks for our mutual work. You had initiated, planned and produced two wonderful days. Thanks for “opening our eyes”, seeing and listening to us, working hard and achieving success. We have undergone together a fascinating, challenging and an enjoying process and I feel that it has helped us grow both personally and as an organization. You are special people and I trust we will work together again in the future. On behalf of the employees of Eli Lilly Israel – Thanks and Shana Tova, Sara Betsalel.
Eli Lilly Israel Ltd.
Hagar Moav
Eli Lilly Israel Ltd.
I wanted to thank you for the amazing event you have produced for us. The responses were excellent! Thanks for the content, consulting, flexibility, patience and understanding throughout the process we have undertaken together. It was definitely worthwhile!! 


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