The added value we offer is based on our unique mix:

• Our team has significant local and global managerial and business experience, in senior management roles combined with  our experience in organizational consultancy; management development programs;  seminars addressing core organizational challenges; personal coaching and deep knowledge and experience in group facilitation.

• Our work is based on a professional approach derived from practical research and successfull global  implementation. Amongst others, the Psycho analytic – systemic approach of the Tavistock Institute, London.

• We combine in our work, natural settings, mainly desert and sea to enable maximum detachment, both mental and physical so that participants can be fully engagedto achieve the primary task of the seminar as defined by the organization.

• We use a wide variety of experiential learning tools.

• Wide variety of services: Organizational porcesses, Management and employees development, one off seminars and events, personal management coaching.

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