To reveal and enhance the organizations' ability to work harmoneously; to develop within managers and employees inner motivation and engagement to the organization and to each other.

Primary task

To consult and facilitate personal, managerial and organizational processes, by offering unique solutions to managers and employees challenges in organizations.

Our concept

In our work we combine a number of approaches and methodologies. We mainly base our work on the Psycho analytic – systemic approach, combining psycho analysis,  Open systems theory and group relations theory and practice. This approach, researched and developed by the Tavistock Institute, London, enables a deep insight of conscious and unconscious processes in groups and organizations. The approach is a result of profound research performed by leading Psychoanalysts such as Freud, Klein, Bion and others. The challenging mixture of the 3 theories, provides a mental and conceptual system to understand the behavior of the individual in groups and organizations. Thus, to better understand known as well as hidden processes in organizations and their effect on the ability of the organizations to achieve their vision and primary task/s. While working in the Psycho analytic – systemic environment, we employ a wide variety of tools addressing core challenges in the area of authority, role, leadership and more.  We offer an environment  enabling learning from exeperience rather than lecture based or other types of learning methodologies. This is a profoundly deep way of learning compared to other types. In a learning from experience environment there are no “School solutions” and the facilitator is not a Guru that provides all the “right” answers. One of the goals of our facilitation, is to create the right setting for organizational learning and review regarding  core organizational challenges. As facilitators our contribution will be in the form of assisting in defining the relevant questions  and challenges; Creating the atmosphere that will enable co-creation amongst the participants and the staff thus facilitating the emergence of something new in the organization which will enhance the ability of the organization to achieve its goals successfully. This form of mutual learning, dramatically increases the engagement and motivation of the participants to successfully implement what they themselves have created.

Why Nature?

Coping with core organizational challenges, is performed by various abilities and amongst others, by use of intuitive inner strengths.  Nature (desert, sea and other natural environments), is a natural and supportive base for changes. As an example we can review an organization facing a change process. What makes nature so special in the context of change? The mere fact that nature is an open space without distinct boundaries; a place where changes are apparent; an ideal space for connecting to an authentic primary core; Being a dynamic, unfinished environment with constant movement and change that even if initially its not clear where this change will lead to, eventually we see a clear change that has taken place. Nature unveils our outer “shell” ; Enables to listen to our inner self and experience the unique sense of a quiet place.
Nature is a crucial factor in the detachment both mental and physical that we would like participants to experience. Such a detachment enables full focus of the participants in the primary task of the seminar as defined by the organization.
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