01/30/2018 Joab Kirsch

Many organizations are facing the challenge of service to their clients. The case may be of a service oriented organization or any other organization with a customer service interface.

09/04/2016 Joab Kirsch

A major element in management development is reviewing the managerial role through the prism of Systemic V Micro management.
Higher ranking management roles in larger corporations, pose a bigger challenge in this prism of management – systemic or micro.

03/27/2016 Joab Kirsch

Dr. David Armstrong of the Tavistock Institute London provides us with unique hypothesis applicable to business and management challenges in organizations, in the preface to the book “The organization in the mind”.

08/19/2015 Joab Kirsch

Many are surprised of my transition from CFO role to a business and organizational consultant.

04/16/2015 Joab Kirsch

Israel has just experienced an election period which has left a known sensation of abusing external threats such as the Iranian nuclear program to avoid addressing pressing internal challenges (Housing, Health, Violence, Racism and more). There is a strong analogy to organizations.

03/23/2014 Joab Kirsch
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